Diamond and Silk Apparently Lied to Congress in the Stupidest Hearing of All Time


Where were you when conservative vloggers Diamond and Silk were invited to Capitol Hill to complain that people just aren’t watching their videos on Facebook anymore, and then appeared to perjure themselves multiple times?

I know where I was: Sitting at my desk, marveling at the world we live in.

Nevertheless, here we are, with Donald Trump’s favorite YouTube stars appearing before the members of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday to offer delicious self-owns like this, via their prepared testimony:

Ostensibly, the pair (sisters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) were appearing to discuss the allegation that they had been victims of censorship by Facebook, which, they insist, shut their page down without warning or any form of outreach. Their claims are, for the most part, total bullshit.

As it happens, bullshit was something of a theme during the the duo’s testimony.

When pressed by Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, Hardaway firmly said that both she and her sister “never been paid by the Trump campaign.

Folks, I give you this Federal Election Commission filing from “DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, INC.”:

Richardson later claimed that the payment was just a travel reimbursement, as if that changes the fact that they…received money from the Trump campaign.

Of course, $1,274 isn’t, in and of itself, that big of a deal. Still, the whole thing was just so pointless and so overwhelmingly, blindingly stupid, that it just might be the most perfect encapsulation of politics in 2018 to date.

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