I Have Just One Thing to Say About This Video of Donald Trump Driving


A recently unearthed video that Melania Trump posted in December 2014 shows Donald and Barron Trump grooving to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” in the front seat of their luxury car. Melania is presumably in the back seat.

This video is interesting for many reasons—for instance, Donald Trump actually agreed to spend more than a minimal amount of time with his wife and child at least once in the past ten years!—but one thing really caught my eye.

Barron, who was born in 2006, would have been about eight and a half years old at the time he was riding shotgun. According to both the Center for Disease Control, and—more specifically—New York State’s Traffic Safety Commission, “it is highly recommended that all children age 12 and under ride properly restrained in the back seat.”

New York law also demands that all children “must be restrained in an appropriate child restraint system while riding in a motor vehicle, until they reach their 8th birthday.” (Emphasis theirs)

So, in this video, Barron, just months out of (presumably) sitting in car seats, is now riding up front with his daddy, in a clear and flagrant violation of both state and federal child safety recommendations.

Vroom vroom!

Update: 4:14PM: Several eagle eyed readers have pointed out that this video appears to have been filmed in Florida. Like New York, Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles urges all children under the age of 12 to remain safely in the back seat.

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