Conservative Kavanaugh Supporter Says Allegations Could Be Seen as 'Rough Horseplay'


Carrie Severino, a conservative pundit and policy director for the right-wing Judicial Crisis Network, appeared on CNN on Tuesday morning to defend Brett Kavanaugh against allegations that he sexually assaulted California professor Christine Blasey Ford while the two were in high school. It did not go well.

Notably, JCN is preparing a $1.5 million ad campaign to defend Kavanaugh and urge his swift confirmation to the Supreme Court. From 2007 to 2008, she also served as a law clerk for accused sexual harasser Justice Clarance Thomas, whom she described as a “good man” and “one of the most important role models and mentors in my life” in a 2016 article for the National Review.

After first questioning the timing of Ford’s claims, Severino was asked by anchor Kate Bolduan whether the allegations against Kavanaugh would be disqualifying were they to be true.

“Well, look,” Severino answered. “Her allegations cover a whole range of conduct, from boorishness to rough horseplay to actual attempted rape.” (Note the expression of disbelief on Bolduan’s face.)

As a reminder, Ford claims a drunken Kavanaugh forced her into a bedroom at a house party, pinned her on the bed, and attempted to remove her clothing while grinding against her. She also says he covered her mouth to muffle her attempts to scream. (Kavanaugh has denied the claims.)

Does that sound “boorish” to you? To me it sounds like attempted sexual assault from start to finish. Bolduan pointed out that Ford has never described the allegations as “horseplay.”

“She’s certainly implying that it’s attempted rape,” Severino admitted later.

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