Free Idea: Replace Steve Bullock With Seth Bullock on the Debate Stage


Here’s an idea to liven up the second set of Democratic debates, airing tonight and tomorrow night on CNN: Replace Montana Gov. Steve Bullock with legendary frontiersman Seth Bullock, as played by Timothy Olyphant on the HBO show Deadwood. If, like me, you constantly go to write “Steve Bullock” but instead think (and then write) “Seth Bullock,” this would solve a lot of problems. Just have Steve Bullock sit this one out and get Seth Bullock up there!

Think about it: What’s Timothy Olyphant doing right now? Probably not too much. Enjoying his summer? Looking for new projects because “Santa Clarita Diet” got canceled? He loves playing a cowboy and he’s really good at it. He just did it in the new Quentin Tarantino movie which was OK overall, but his part was really good. Following the success of the Deadwood revival movie this year, I’m sure he might be amenable to reprising his role one last time, on stage. What’s Steve Bullock going to do that Seth Bullock couldn’t? Talk about his boots? Seth Bullock owns a hardware and general store. He knows about boots.

Personally, I know which of these two I’d rather see on the debate stage duking it out over the future of the country alongside Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders: Seth Bullock, as played by Timothy Olyphant.

That’s all! See you this evening.

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