Boston's Straight Pride Parade Decides It's a Cosplay Contest Now

State News

The best thing just happened to the upcoming Boston “Straight Pride” Parade (second to this dumbassevent being cancelled): It’s been turned into a cosplay contest!

The organization hosting the August 31 event, “Super Happy Fun America,” announced on Tuesday that they’re introducing a “cosplay contest,” encouraging its Very Straight Yet “Not Anti-LGTBQ” attendees to “promote fun and tolerance” by coming to the parade dressed as their favorite characters from media such as video games and anime.

Attendees also have the choice of dressing up as an “original character,” which no doubt means there will be plenty of assholes showing up as a Trumpian version of Captain America, or, I don’t know, this.

Costumed attendees will compete for a $100 gift card prize, with a $200 gift card “for the best straight-couple cosplay,” according to the organizers.

In more exciting news, the city of Modesto, CA, denied a permit for the city’s proposed straight pride parade last week. Last month, one of that event’s organizers accidentally called themselves a “totally peaceful racist group” during a City Council meeting on the matter.

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